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About us


       Camino Real’s History started ages ago, but if we were to give it a beginning date, it would have to be in spring of 2008 when the first Camino Real Mexican Grill opened its doors to the public.


The first location started as a two story house and garage that would later be converted into a beautiful restaurant that could sit 180 guest with a small banquet area. To this day it’s still open, located in the heart of southwest Detroit.


After years of serving our very loyal Detroit customers, it became time to expand to a new location. In 2014, we purchased our most recent location on Fort street in Wyandotte, MI. With a lot of hard work and a little time we turned the outdated restaurant into a gem. A place where our customers could come with family and friends to share in countless mouthwatering meals and memories.







The only thing more important to us then atmosphere is our food. We use fresh, high quality meats and produce. We believe in quality over quantity. The flavor of our food originates from the small city of "Jesús María", located in "Jalisco, Mexico" where everything is handmade, fresh and bursting with flavor.


So please come visit us and let our friendly staff serve you a meal as authentic and fresh as a trip 2,000 miles south would get you.

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